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Glossary of Terms for Building or Renovating (continued):

Some terms relating to Construction and Building Elements are: Footings: Houses, sheds, garages, etc need to have adequate foundations to support them and reduce the risk of damage occurring to the structure. Footing types can be either isolated (pad) footings, strip footings, Raft Slab footings, Waffle Slab footings (using polystyrene blocks under the slab), special suspended […]

Glossary of Terms for Building or Renovating (continued):

Following on from our recent post, some more terms used in the Building process are: Council Certifier:             A Council Certifier (or Building Inspector) is employed by your Local Council to perform the same tasks as a Private certifier. They will inspect various stages of the building construction and then provide Certification on completion that the […]

Glossary of Terms for Building or Renovating:

This list is a brief introduction to some terms used in the planning, approval, and building of your home or renovations. Local Council:    Your Local Council will need to approve of any development or construction work carried out on your site. They will need plans and specifications prepared showing what the works are that you […]

Building a New Home

Now that you made the decision to build a new house. You now have a few decisions to make. Choose a Builder: Who is going to build the house? Are you going to use a Project Home builder? Are you going to engage a Licensed Builder to build it? Are you going to Owner Build […]

Building or renovating a house – An Overview

A When Building or Renovating, there are many tasks that need to be carried out, approvals to be sought, plans to be prepared, and finally builders to be engaged and construction carried out. In general, if you are thinking of Building a New Home or Renovating your existing house, you will need to carry out […]

When do you need a Structural Engineer?

Structural Engineers are experienced in providing advice, designs, plans, and specifications for all of the Structural aspects of your house, extension, shed, or retaining walls. If you are looking at building a new house, carrying out extensions, renovating the inside of your house, or excavating your yard, you need to seek advice from a Structural […]